In modern-day business, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms have become an essential tool for managing critical operations ranging from lead generation to billing and support.

Making It Make Sense

After a decade of using the vTiger Community Edition, it became apparent that several features were missing, hindering our ability to cater to all aspects of the sales process. This realization led us to discover a flawless CRM solution expertly crafted by Isolex Business Technologies – a fully customizable, secure platform designed to cater to all your business needs.
Consolidating all client communications in a single dashboard provides a significant boost to your sales, technical, support, and management staff, enhancing productivity and efficiency.As the old adage goes, “People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.” Allow IBT-CRM to put your organization ahead of the game in today’s competitive marketplace, providing you with the tools to plan, organize, and execute flawlessly.

Free Mobile Apps

IBTcrm offers a comprehensive suite of mobile apps designed to enhance business productivity and efficiency. The mobile apps provided by IBTcrm enable users to access crucial CRM data and manage various aspects of their business operations on the go. Whether it's tracking leads, managing sales processes, providing excellent customer support, or streamlining inventory management, these apps cater to diverse business needs. With features such as real-time collaboration, push notifications, intuitive interfaces, and offline mode support, IBTcrm's mobile apps empower businesses to stay connected, make informed decisions, and drive growth in today's competitive marketplace. The IBTcrm Mobile App serves as a centralized hub, allowing users to access and update CRM data anytime, anywhere. Sales professionals benefit from the IBTcrm Sales App, which enables them to efficiently manage the entire sales process, from lead management to deal closure. The IBTcrm Helpdesk App empowers customer support teams to provide prompt and effective service by accessing customer tickets, collaborating with team members, and ensuring a comprehensive view of customer history. The IBTcrm Inventory App simplifies inventory management tasks, while the IBTcrm Field Sales App equips sales representatives with tools to be productive in the field. These apps, combined with the power of IBTcrm, provide businesses with a competitive edge, enabling them to streamline operations and drive success.

Mobile Apps for iOS & Android

IBTcrm Mobile App

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Business Card Scanner 
Check-in / Check-out 
Digital Signature
Route Planner

Customer Portal App

Better UI for customer portal.
Push notification for each ticket status
  Easy access to tickets
All customer modules are based on permission
Announcement feature

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Dedicated IP Address/Monthly

A dedicated IP address is an exclusive address that is used only by one website or server.

Here are some benefits of having a dedicated IP address for your website:

  • Improved Email Deliverability: Having a dedicated IP address can improve your email deliverability as it reduces the risk of being blacklisted due to the actions of other websites sharing the same IP address.
  • SSL Certificate: A dedicated IP address is required if you want to install an SSL certificate on your website. An SSL certificate is essential for websites that handle sensitive information and transactions.
  • Improved Website Speed: With a dedicated IP address, you can experience faster website loading times and improved website performance. This is because a dedicated IP address reduces the risk of IP address conflicts, which can slow down website speed.
  • Control: With a dedicated IP address, you have complete control over your website and server. You can configure your server settings and customize your website without worrying about other websites sharing the same IP address.
  • Reputation Management: With a dedicated IP address, you have more control over your website's reputation. This is especially important if you run an e-commerce site or handle sensitive information. With a dedicated IP address, you can monitor and manage your website's reputation and protect it from potential security threats.


Overall, a dedicated IP address provides more control and flexibility, improved website speed and performance, and better email deliverability and reputation management.