In-Person Payments

In-person payment technologies, such as NFC-enabled cards, mobile payment apps, and QR code-based systems, enable seamless and secure transactions at physical retail locations, reducing the reliance on traditional cash and providing convenience to consumers.

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Isolex Business Technologies now offers the Payanywhere platform to its customers for secure and reliable payment processing.


Payanywhere's mini terminal is a compact and portable device that enables businesses to accept payments anywhere and anytime.

Flex E600

Payanywhere Flex terminal is a compact and user-friendly payment device that enables businesses to accept various payment methods securely and efficiently.

Smart POS E700

Payanywhere Smart POS Terminal is an all-in-one payment solution that offers businesses a user-friendly and reliable way to process payments, manage inventory, and access valuable sales data.      

Shift4 Payments

Isolex Business Technologies and Shift4 Payments have formed a partnership to provide a comprehensive payment processing solution for businesses. Through this partnership, Isolex Business Technologies' customers will have access to Shift4 Payments' secure payment processing platform, which supports various payment methods and provides advanced fraud prevention and security features. This partnership enables businesses to streamline their payment processing operations and improve their overall customer experience, while also ensuring the security of their transactions.