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Extensive Reporting

You can’t run an eCommerce Website very successfully without reporting. It’s without a doubt critical that you are able to recognize what products are bestsellers, which customers spend the most and when, what keywords your customers are looking for, and more. Shift4shop consists of a strong reports module as part of its base ecommerce platform.

 All of the statistics you want are at your fingertips right on your shift4shop dashboard. All the statistics are provided in an organized, filterable way and include graphs that show your development. As an example, in case you’ve lately changed your advertising and marketing approaches or launched a brand new promoting, you will see the effects of your efforts.


Dropshipping is an attractive business model for many. The ability to sell products with little to no up-front investment is a fantastic proposition if you’re looking to get a new business off the ground. Of course, there can be problems involved, like low-quality merchandise, long shipping times, or difficulty finding products that will sell. That’s why Shift4Shop has partnered with Doba, a premier dropshipping supplier with access to over 2 million products.


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